Tuesday, May 15, 2007

concept art for character

she's going to be head of a large gang who overthrows local government officials in a small city. I think I'm going to go with the lower left profile and work from that. Originally I had started with the upper-right profile. but I think the new look has more of a street/rebel warfare appearance. Though the corn rows give her a confident yet gritty look. what you guys think?


RushX said...

Lower left is a good choice.

--Lofton-- said...

Bro the samurai ponytail I like but keep it more on the girl side like the one in the lower left. its lookin great the headband works. I would not do the cornrows only because it will start to make her look too manly. I know you want tough but you dont want it to look like a dude with boobs do you? LOL keep up the good work

--Lofton-- said...

Hey bro I have a similar concept so if you need any reference material for gangs or just stuff for inspiration let me know.