Monday, February 28, 2011

I feel like we could totally be doing what these guys are doing. Skottie Young and Scott Morse call out a theme for the day and they both do quick drawings of the theme. Nothing serious. Not even competitive. Well, you can compete between yourselves, but the reward is just getting it done.

I think it would be around seven or eight posts a day, considering the usual contributors.

It's like SADIM (Sketch-A-Day-In-May), just all-year round, five days a week!

If anyone's interested in trying this with me, comment back!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Google Art Project

Ever want to visit the Tate in Great Britain? Or the Van Gogh Museum? Google brings you there.

Check out this Degas piece at Museo Thyssen - Bornemisza in Madrid! Google really lets you get up close to these masterpieces. Talk about bringing art to the people, huh?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Illustration Friday - Sweater

So weird. So weird.

I linked my blog, input all my information about the work and my name, but my IF submission didn't go through.

Well, I still have you guys. You still like me, right?


Haha. Next Illustration Friday topic is "Layers." Maybe I'll get that one right.

Illustration Friday -

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

William Low and the Ellis Island Adventures

I'm taking a class with William Low, an Illustrator from B-B-Bronx, NY. He illustrates a lot of children books, but he also does other paintings. Most of them revolve around New York City. I wouldn't blame him. NYC is pretty happening. Sometimes.

This past Tuesday, my class, painstakingly called, "Special Projects in Art: Ellis Island," was to boat over to the historic isle and research anything about the island for the second assignment for the course. The second assignment being in traditional media (oil: classic or watermix).

By the way, this is my first assignment for the class, which was to be completed through a Photoshop painting method. While, I'm not necessarily a stranger to the Adobe program, I definitely learned more than I expected when it comes to painting digitally.

Side by side, we were to select one of the references Low recorded himself (I think) and use a part or the whole reference to develop a painting. It's not bad, I think. Some parts could be improved. Just the water, ambiguous objects in the background, desaturating the greens, shadows---things like that.

Or everything.

Back to the story!

On Tuesday, we were to go to Ellis Island. We got there, on time for the last ferry to the island, but for some reason, almost everyone brought their X-acto knives. And for some reason, Ellis Island/Liberty Island security is tougher than most airports'. So everyone in the group missed the last boat that day.

(I think I would go into more detail, it was really funny and exciting, but it's nearly 5am, and I'm trying my best to avoid typos.)

I was able to go yesterday (Saturday), and before the museum closed, I managed to sketch out something in the inside cover of my Ellis Island Sketchbook:

It's a neat opener to the book, I think. I hope to finish the drawing of the luggage sometime soon.


Saturday, February 5, 2011

New client work!

Due to certain contract limitations I can't show the whole picture, but I'm happy enough about this to show it off!


Do not ask me what it is or what it means... I dare not answer (for I do not know).