Saturday, January 31, 2009

Blood, Sweat & Tears Cover

tried to fix up the ear a little. added the backside and put text on it which i took from an old essay i wrote for a class. i might jus leave it as it, i can fiddle with that ear forever and never feel i got it right lol.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Area221 Battle Melee : DAILY CHARRENGE!

Do you got what it takes? The forum has a daily challenge. Do you have what it takes to make your own fighting character?

Click here to direct you to more info.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

info for voters of the current poll

The Thunderdome formed in the AREA221 category of the relatively new ADA forum late last year (2008). The contests there are similiar to the ones we have here on the AREA221 blog only more advanced. The deadlines will typically be more genorous while the requirements for winning much more intense. In addition, to make matters more interesting, players are encouraged if not required to form teams. So if you missed it on the forum, here was the original post for the guidelines for the first Area 221 Thunderdome challenge. Please review them before casting your vote on the current polls and may the best team win!

Thu Dec 18, 2008 2:50 am
the Team Thunderdome Challenge:

Team 1 will consist of: Ciro & Madelynne
Team 2 will consist of: Narciso & Elias

The theme will be: "Once Upon a Time in Chinatown"

1 Short Comic
2 Page Minimum
0 Size Restrictions (make sure files are at printable res)
Color or Black & White

Competition will commence once the teams are figured out.
Deadline is: January 20th, 2009
Post all finished works here and on

winners will set guidelines for the following competition.

Thunderdome Team Battle

Covers to Mace Richardson: Once Upon a Time in Chinatown.

Elias' Main Cover
Narco's Variant Covers

Writer/Artist: Elias Jimenez
Artist/Co-plotter: Narciso Espiritu Jr.

Mace Richardson: Once Upon a Time in Chinatown is not in it's entirety, so I'll post pieces of the script along with the images.

WARNING: The following will most likely be considered sexist, racist, inappropriate, and all other sorts of politically incorrect. Just remember it’s all in good fun, so STFU already.

Page 1
A lady bursts in through a set of doors that fling back and forth like in a western. She is furious. So much so that her light brown hair appears to be glowing with a fiery intensity. Her head is propped down and covering her neck, like a bull charging; her shoulders rounding off her head as if they were the horns.

She is dressed in typical office garb, though her blouse is a little too loose for the environment, and her pants accentuate her shape more than they probably should. 

In her hand is what appears to be a ream of paper. Some are flying off as she walks closer.


The stack of paper scatters a bit when it hits the desk.

Do you have any idea what this is?!

WARNING: The following will most likely be considered sexist, racist, inappropriate, and all other sorts of politically incorrect. Just remember it’s all in good fun, so STFU already.
Out of nowhere a hand comes out and backhands the shit out of her.

We go to a shot of her point of view (or maybe behind her head). She is looking up from the floor, and sees a figure standing enormous in front of her. 

The figure is silhouetted because of the bright sun light emanating through the blinds from the windows behind him.

We then go to a shot from the figure’s point of view. He is looking down at the boss.

She is on her behind, next to the figure’s desk with her legs akimbo. The corner of her mouth has some blood streaming down.

Jesus Mace, I’m your boss…

What you are is a whore.

A second later she’s back up, and they’re both acting like nothing out of the norm ever happened.

Mace, these papers are of all the reports we’ve gotten throughout the last six months from the Chinatown area…reports that you were supposed to check out!

I don’t understand why you can’t just get (agent) Phillip to do it. He’s a giant mutated man-fish with a heart of gold who’s native to Japan!

Yes…but these people are Chinese, Mace.

Same shit! You know as well as I do that they’re both just inside-out Mexicans!


Plus, Phillip smells like foot cheese and aborted baby already, he’ll fit right in!

Mace, the reason I want you on this is because the overwhelming amount of reports coming out of this place suggests that it’s something serious, and as much as I hate to admit it, you and your rookie are the two best agents here.

Jen, you should know better than to mention 69 if you’re trying to convince me of doing anything. You know I can’t stand 69—

(smiling like an idiot)
Somebody call me?

(holding the bridge of his nose)
Oh Jesus Christ…

So Mace, I hear the boss wants us to…

Yes, yes, ok, fine, whatever, let’s just go and get this over with. The faster I’m done working with you, the better.

I agree! The faster we’re done with this case, the faster we can go down and visit all the Chinatown arcades!

Arcades, huh? That’s an excellent idea 69! Arcades are definitely shady places; you should both start there.

Fine, but you owe me big time. I expect to find 12 Asian twins ready to do whatever I want, waiting for me in my office when I get back

I can’t believe we’re actually here!...Mace! Take off that mask!

Not on your life. No way these people are giving me the SARS.

Actually, it kind of makes you look like a ninja.

I hate you.

So, maybe we were over-ambitious and over estimated ourselves.

Obviously, we're upset we couldn't get everything we wanted post finished, but this is an ongoing project for Elias and I, so expect to see more Mace Richardson...sometime.


thunder dome team entry (mad & ciro entry)

w/out a minute to spare, this is sex monkey

Friday, January 16, 2009


Done with Painter X first then Photoshop.

Just messin wit ya.

Linework: Painter X
Colors + fx: Photoshop.

Had an okami/momotaro/ jap brushwork moment.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Still Alive

Alive and Still on it.

These were done in Painter X


Not done with the landscape one.

Brian the Fro

Elias and I are very likely not to produce enough pages to get to his appearance, but here are some sketches for Brian the Fro, a character for our contest submission @ ENJAYKWADA. There's also a sketch of Mace's Boss, whom we haven't named yet.

(Did I use "whom" right?)

I apologize in advance for my non-scannerness.

1. Brian the Fro - basic facial sketches.
2. Brian the Fro - expanding the concept.
3. Brian the Fro - more expansion, plus: half-body, mask he wears to hide his insecure gargoyle-ness, and how he gets when he's stressed out.
4. Brian the Fro - detail of frustrated Brian.
5. Mace's Boss - sketch with custom brush; while she doesn't get in on the action in this story, she will sometime.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

alluring lines submission 2

not sure if it's too late fo submission but here's another one of my submission. ^^;;

Thursday, January 8, 2009

so i've been watching a lot of tim burton films lately.

three days ago i watched the first half of sweeney todd.
two days ago i finished watching it and then i watched big fish.
yesterday i saw ed wood.
what will i watch today?
maybe pee wee's big adventure?
or charlie and the chocolate factory?
or edward scissorhands?
or beetlejuice?
hell no i won't watch planet of the apes.
but u know i really can't wait for alice in wonderland.
i can totally see him doing that.

oh, yesterday i figured out how to make dots.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Testing Something

Its Painter X. Testing it out since I finally stopped using the trial version.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Thursday, January 1, 2009


sorry for the lack of updates on my part..
if you guys aren't busy the evening of january 8th...
i have a small show at the stain bar in brooklyn.
the opening reception starts at 8pm. (i know it says 5pm on the image)
hope i can see some of you there. :]
and happy new year everyone.