Friday, February 22, 2008


changed the profile of the character a little. thought the whole scene fit his persona!

locked n' loaded

rough layout

Happy snow day to you all. Here's a rough plot I'mma redo and possibly color for a sunday series webcomic I'm thinking of doing.

The Six Ways of Pain

Yep - ya saw right motherbuzzers, Its Naruto Shippuden Fanart comin' at ya. Also, my first attempt at Anime Coloring which I'm not emulating too well - then again, I could never color to save my life....more on the way...

That's right - 12yr old kids watch it, and Naruto rocks!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

fine arts, whut?

Jack Krak of the Super F*ckers is so the mother fucker. character is (c) James Kochalka but he liked my doodle.

Hi folks, I'm this guy:

Is it okay if I bombard you with my week daily strip in addition to other art I'll be working on?

GHUL Prison Break

Tylee costume 2

dont be too mean

Here are three wip's that I had to post cuz it looks like I'm not working but I have a lot going on (crying like a baby) I'm just being too picky and not letting you guys share in my madness so I'm sharing again and you can see the pieces while they suck. tictack

revisiting a sketch


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Childhood Memory Project

My first project for Illustration 1. Illustrate a childhood memory. A favorite and cherished memory I have is helping my grandmother bake her delicious apple cake. This was my first time working in Gouache paint. I'm not sure I like it yet. It is certainly different than working with acrylics or watercolor. Hopefully as the semester continues I will learn how to better 'tame' this medium. As for how the final came out...I'm content enough with it. I'm afraid if I fiddle anymore with it I'll just get frustrated and mess it up.

Composition: Gouache on Bristol Paper

Final: Gouache on Illustration Board

Feelin Toasty?


Sunday, February 10, 2008

Rizztik Criniere

Working on a character, but didnt have any idea how I wanted to make his face, so I sat down and dabbled in Zbrush till I got this greedy little fellow.

Hellboy Portrait W.I.P.

Still a Work in progress, but I had some free time, decided to work on a little portrait of Hellboy for some reason. This is what I have so far before I get back to doing my homework.