Monday, June 30, 2008

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This is about systemic workplace mediocrity endemic of contemporary businesses today that wonder why the economy is tanking.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Frostmourne Contest entry

This was my entry into a fanart of Arthas with Frostmourne(the guy in the middle and his swords name is frostmourne)contest Blizzard entertainment was having for beta keys to a new game.I really like how it came out and it's definitly different as most people from what i saw went the "badass" angle. the mirror and the side characters took me the longest to get right since i made em compltetly from scratch.

lizzy the riveter

Anthony Wartooth

Reference sheet I'm working on for a cartoon animation project, but also for generic usage of Anthony Wartooth, next up will be the 3d models.
Also me and a few others are thinking of making him into a UT3 model soif that goes through I'll have that up as well.

Friday, June 27, 2008

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This is about drinking from a cup hard.

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This is about a jeep thing we wouldn't understand.


One of my oldest and favourite characters. Heres a little close up portrait of him smiling devilishly as always.I'm currently reworking his design and possibly modeling him for a future project.guess you could call this a preview of him.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

A bulldog

A commission I just finished. I didn't count the total hours but I believe this is the longest I have ever had to work on a scratchboard. Balentine the Bulldog turned out to be a lot more challenging than I first perceived. I'm glad I had the practice on short fur rendering or I would not have been sure how to make the short furs on a bulldog look even slightly believable. I'm pleased with the final product but at the same time I feel it's missing something. I think it may be the fact that Balentine is all white and I'm not used to working with so little color. All he needed was pink highlights for his ears and some of the fur. Any ideas or leave as it is?

Oh, and for a change of pace I am including a scan of the original photograph I worked from as reference.

Medium: Scratchboard with water color wash

Friday, June 20, 2008

Happy I've met you

I needed a break from my other work so I just did a little doodle for a friend.Probably take it further later.

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This is a bonus happy activity time!

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This is about the need to bite.

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This is about the fall that changed everything.

Monday, June 16, 2008

forbidden tactics

grah. In case my color work isn't done in time, here's the line work for my forbidden tactics.

edit: Color version with 20 minutes to spare.

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This is about the biggest jerk.

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This is about getting used to the weather.

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This is about what life would be like if your ass was a source of fluoride.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Its not the end of the world 2

A sketch for part of my summer project, took the influence primarily from the first "its not the end of the world".still picking colours and faces so I used gas masks as placeholders, but I think I may actually leave the gas masks...

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I'm still around

To amuse myself over the summer I have started taking commissions and half the proceeds benefit the Mt. Pleasant Animal Shelter. My first donation is finally finished.

I'd like everyone to meet Camelot. She is an adorable year old Pit Bull Terrier Mix. Cammie has been at the shelter for awhile and has touched all the hearts she licks. Here is the beauty queen in her 'artistic debute'.
Medium: Scratchboard with water color wash

I recently purchased new tools specifically for use on scratchboard and Camelot's picture was perfect for trying out these new tools. I found a lot of interesting and new techniques that I can now use in the future. As much as I liked how Camelot came out this was a good learning experience as she was my first attempt at working with a dog with really short fur and getting the fur rendering accurate.

at the beach

This is the centerfold for our 2nd comic anthology =D Since GJ's anti-sun and all this is the only picture we will ever have of us four being at the beach. =P

ionno sketch

Monday, June 9, 2008

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This is after the storm.


uh...just playing with a color scheme...

Caricaturing myself and my girlfriend.

Peace through power

Just a Little thing I've been working on the side of my main projects this summer. Hope you like :]

Fetus from The Bodies

The most interesting pose I've seen. Sadly the darkest place to draw ~o~.

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This is about Sunday's MoCCA Art Fest 08.

Drawings from The Bodies Exhibit

Hi folks,
For those who participated in viewing and sketching at the Bodies  Exhibit, please post your sketches. Professor McNeil would like to show these drawings to the Dean of Art and Sciences. I basically gave her the address to see all of the drawings, so that she can view them and send link back to the dean. Thank you.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Drew for Drawing Day.

Drawing it. Working on it.

second post

Drawing day 08

Hard to come up with something...

drawing day drawings

What I do'ed today both on the train to MoCCA and sitting down here feeling the urge to contribute some Jack Kirby inspired fan art.

I have a guy named Electric Head. I always have trouble deciding what his final body will look like. Now I'm having trouble deciding which side gets the big eye and which gets the digital eye.

Jack Kirby f'nart - Dr. Doom with the costume from his first appearance pulling a Homer Simpson on Mr. Fantastic

Jack Kirby f'nart - Odin close up. I realized his helmet = 2x head size

Jack Kirby f'nart - A corrected sketch of Odin

I didn't quite understand something I saw in Mr. Driller and made an unintentionally darker version.

I'd also like to relay Evan (Milk and Cheese) Dorkin's response to when I mentioned Drawing Day (please note: he's half joking, so don't get too offended)

"Yeah, that's what artists need, a day of someone telling them to draw more shit for free. I'll be drawing free shit all weekend at MOCCA, is that good enough? Do we get a cookie? Where's Idiot Day? Oh, right, every day is Idiot Day. I don't mean you [referring to my post], btw. I'm tired of This Day and That Day and Whatever Day. No Music Day. Secretary Day. No Pants Day. Not Funny Day, Bad High Concept Day, Marketing Day, Light News Day. Leave Me Alone Day, that's what I'd like. Everyone Fucking Behave Day. One day where no one has to worry about getting jacked up or bothered or ripped off.

Drawing day. No thanks, I can't participate, because I'm already going to be sketching. So come by for your free sketch, but don't ask me to draw, because I'll be sketching. Wink, wink. "