Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Reference vs. Not Reference

To have reference is a wonderful thing. Especially when its something thats hard to find on say a stock photography site. Like of a particular person or a certain scene that only you would ever know of. Ever since I got used to using reference, its almost hard to be happy with drawings that come straight from my head. I begin to question really small details like, "in which direction would her shoelace be blowing if the wind was headed east".

I'm working on this sketch now. Its of my friend Eily.
Also, the interview @ spek went well. They seem like a cool bunch of young artists and i'm grateful to have the opportunity to work in a real animation studio! even if i'm just the tracing guy.. For two days this week I'll be working hands on and that will be an evaluation period. When all works out I will officially start the internship on monday.


--Lofton-- said...

I know the feeling on that reference thing its tough but all we can do is keep drawing and work through it.LOL and GOOD LUCK AT THE JOB!

Kells said...

omg for real? Nice! Yea references are a blessing. thank goodness for photography.