Tuesday, August 21, 2007

123 Hush DEBUT

Hi hi Everyone =D

Me and Gyong-Ju, along with Sarah and Jan has formed 123 Hush. YAY!! It is a collaborative group.

Not that we don't love area221 but it's a competition between Ciro and Damani is overwhelming... hehe =P


Please add us if you have a myspace account.


--Lofton-- said...

Hey dont forget us over here at area 221 you guys are family and it would suck if you guys totally stopped posting over here. We need to keep the Blog hot so dont become so consumed by "123 hush" that you guys disappear.

--Lofton-- said...

P.S. if more people were active posters it would not look like the Ciro and Damani show. Also look forward to this seasons Contests the blog will open us up to more contestants.