Wednesday, November 7, 2007

finished up


--Lofton-- said...

This is sick bro its off the chain how you have the light working on this face this is next level. I think this is worthy of being something that could kick major ass in any contest you get better every day and your understanding of light and reflectivity is inspiring. Make us all envious finish this one and get it out there so others know the name Ciro W. Romero

Narco said...


That lighting on her face is super. Really. It is.

Narco said...

Yay! Wallpapers. Everyone make one.


(Wait. It's not really a contest if everyone gets to make one. Right?)

gj said...


LizzyLou said...

awesome job Ciro!!!
I completely agree with Ant, your lighting is excellent and it is inspiring to have you and the rest of the gang around. I really love and appreciate this collective!

BuTTerS said...
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