Thursday, February 21, 2008

fine arts, whut?

Jack Krak of the Super F*ckers is so the mother fucker. character is (c) James Kochalka but he liked my doodle.

Hi folks, I'm this guy:

Is it okay if I bombard you with my week daily strip in addition to other art I'll be working on?


Narco said...

I'm not the authority on this board, Kree, but I must say... did you use Paint for this? The image reminds me of it, but I'm not sure.

I've been wrong before, anyway.

Happypeepeehead said...

I've been using a lot of mouse based drawing lately (especially for my bfa) so yeah, I'm trying to go for that low end paintbrush.exe look. Usually I'm using image ready. The Jack Krak picture though probably started as a scanned doodle recolored. HAIL THE SUPREME INTELLIGENCE!

anthony said...

Hey post till your hearts content. I'd rather see work than empty space.