Thursday, April 3, 2008

Hey guys Clean out the cobwebs...

Hey I want everyone to get their brains revved up. Its almost time for out 2nd Annual "A Sketch a Day In May" event. That also marks our first full year as AREA221. I hope that every one participates in the event. I know a lot of you guys are under pressure now but just like last time its just a sketch. It dosen't have to be your best work just a little sketch for each day in May.(And like the last time you can make up for missed days by doing more on another day.) And if any one wants to do something special to mark our first year let us know.


--Lofton-- said...

So you guys know the first post was MAY 3 2007. And it was the call for "A Sketch A Day In May"

Narco said...

That's epic.

I'm ready.

Kind of.