Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Succubus and Process


Once in awhile I do tutorials for friends.
This was the result of one of the tutorials I was doing, which was doing a digital painting from a sketch in photoshop.Basically a friend of mine wanted to know how I work
in photoshop so he came over asked me if I could show him how I work and since I had some free time I showed him how and shortly after went bowling a game or two.

I figured I'd put the process with the image as well since i had each stage saved as a separate image already incase anyone is interested.

I really wasn't aiming for accuracy in anatomy, but surprisingly it came pretty close. Maybe I'll tweak it later.


Happypeepeehead said...

Hmm... I usually do local color first so I can determine for myself what values I'd use for highlights and shadows.

Ciro W Romero said...

dunno why but i think i like the pencil drawing better then the colored one