Monday, September 29, 2008

contrary to my last post. . .

we'll keep this democratic, post your theme suggestions for the next contest here!


RedFireManiac said...

I was actually looking forward to the "Alluring Lines" contest.

Especially since I managed to miss the last one. This one sounds like a lot of fun though.

Anonymous said...

Alluring lines isnt really a contest its a book that we would like everyone who feels inspired to contribute to. We will pick the best of the best to go into the book after December first.

Anonymous said...

Ideas for the next theme:
Electric Love
The Giant in the Clouds
Daughters of the Wolf
Mr. G and his Scientific House
The Chameleonic Spy
She couldn't forget Halloween.
The faceless apprentice

RedFireManiac said...

Oh ok, my mistake.

But in any case, wow there are quite a couple of good themes there. I don't have any ideas for one, but I do like "Giant in the clouds," "Daughters of the Wolf" and "She couldn't forget Halloween."

Darn, so many good choices.