Monday, March 2, 2009

w.i.p creamy

and we're done! eased up on the saturation. if you guys wanna point something out that needs fixin' please do, critiques and suggestions are definatley welcome.


BuTTerS said...

is that brush part of your style now?? cool illustration... you're so far ahead of the game at this point maybe you should start doing pinups with backgrounds

Storm McRae said...

Your paintings are excellent and you have developed a style, you've also got the ability to finish. I'd like to see you do more anatomy studies and apply it to your work accordingly.

Ciro W Romero said...

yeah i've been slacking in the studies department as well as doing backgrounds. I'll try to step up my game by doing both for my next pinup. thanks guys!

Narco said...

Looks like a great job all-around!

-the highlights are just enough
-nice job on the tan line!
-subtle background nuance

Good until I see a hole somewhere.