Thursday, April 30, 2009



Narco said...

I have to say, she looks hulkish, and there's something about the realistic qualities of this drawing that make her even more unsettling.

Nice job putting her on the window in the hallway, too.

Chigurh said...

with this drawing i was trying to practice tone. the darker tones for her arms and shirt are too strong. i really should have made the shading softer. the shape of her arms are also a little too bubblish, which prolly exlpains the hulkish look. and the wrinkles on her shirt look more like spikes. it's far from spectacular. but in my defence this was drawn before i took rendering techniques and life drawing, before i knew any better. this drawing is almost two years old. but that's no excuse for my flaws. i will do better next time. every chance to draw is "another chance to redeem the failings of" our previous works.

i was also revamping and redesigning an old character that was a part of one of my stories but i barely drew her or even cared for her. now i seem to draw her all the time and she has also become a major character in my story. before i made her look like a scene chick, she used to look like a retarded version of misty from pokemon. but even though she looks scene or emo, she really isn't. there's a story behind her hair style. i'm still working on her design. i've come to realize how bland the designs for all my character really are. but i've been looking into art by jamie hewlett and tetsuya nomura. the way they design their characters is the direction that i want to lean more towards but not entirely. let's not forget an attempt at originality.

in conclusion, i just said a mouthful. <3