Sunday, May 3, 2009

Royal Flush

not sure if i'm done yet:|


BuTTerS said...

Nice!!! =) lol, this is funny.... I guess you could have a more detailed background... lol i juss thought of something... you could put dittrich in there somewhere... like hes at a table grumpy as hell, serving drinks, or passed out, but u dont really have to put a background its good as is... awesome work =D

RedFireManiac said...
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RedFireManiac said...

Oh man, please continue this series or put them all together or something.

I'm absolutely loving this.

You should probably throw in some background stuff, like other blurred out tables or something in the background.

Narco said...

You know, it would be a lot of work, but you could do a caricature of some more people in the department, student or otherwise. It would be a very interesting tribute series.

Ciro W Romero said...

a drunken grumpy dittrich would be super funny, but I think i'll do a separate one just for him. The background does look like its missing something so i'll try to work something in before wrapping it up.
and yes, these do take a lot of time to complete. this one took me about 40 hours due to the heavy use of references (first one took about 20), but it would be super cool to have a series of them and itd be definitely worth it.