Thursday, October 1, 2009

post theme ideas here

sorry for the crappy type, but hey it caught your attention right? Post your theme ideas for the next contest Here! It can be anything - i'll pick one out using anthony's old folding-note-mixing method as we did back in 06'. Also - keep in mind it looks like the general consensus is to go for something challenging.


Anonymous said...

-Team Nintendo
-The Illustrator Mafia
-airborn precaution
-Contorting space assasins
-A place between...
-Not so fairy tale
-Plant + ____
-Biochemical street fair
-upside right across city.


Anonymous said...


Ciro W Romero said...

-in a purrfect world
-beneath the surface
-philosophy of horror
-death before dishonor
-the Matryoshka Martyr
-urban paradise

Loki Yama said...

- Arachnophobic Teenage Mutant Ninja Spiders

Anonymous said...

Undersea standoff
Grey seer
They were gods...
Tower of doom
Primal Rage
Maw of Madness
The greater good