Thursday, January 28, 2010

New WIP - Character design, hoooooooo!

Update: 1/31

UPDATE: I changed the position of his arm and the staff because this way he looks more like a spellcaster and less like a melee fighter, which he is not.

After a long creative drought in my life due to my computer being a temperamental bitch, I finally got my set up back and whipped out the old Wacom. But, alas, I could not think of anything to draw. Incidentally, my friend is planning on starting a new DnD campaign and wants me to draw what the characters will look like.

This one is his :D

He is a human sorcerer who specializes exclusively in lightning-type spells. Any suggestions?


Ciro W Romero said...

looking good dude, this actually reminds me of damani's style, theres a link to his blog on the right that you can click on.

jamesface said...

Thanks man. I've seen Damani's blog before. He's got great work so I'll take that as a compliment :D

Anonymous said...

finish it. lols

jamesface said...
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