Friday, April 23, 2010

Dark Art


RedFireManiac said...

Hey man, looks good.

I'm curious, did you use any lighting reference to figure out how the figures were lit up, or did you just guess at it?

Just wondering what your process for a black and white piece like this is.

jamesface said...

The only thing for which I used reference was the girl's face. As for the lighting, I just make a quick decision at the beginning about which direction the light is hitting the character. The direct light source is at the top-right (off-screen). All that fuzz and cloudy stuff in the background is just decorative, at that point. The light is probably very wrong, but what's important is that I know it is! Haha

BuTTerS said...

his right shoulder looks a little off, like it's unproportioned or its muscles are too small, i don't know but other than that i think its great~!