Sunday, July 25, 2010

Comp help, please?

Hi everyone, I hope everyone is enjoying the summer. Tragically my iMac suddenly bit the dust and my hard drive died. It gave no warning so I lost a lot of data. I've been to the Geek Squad and checked some places online and apparently my hard drive is so dead [a level 2-3 or something] it'll cost tons more then I can afford or think my data is worth that much money. SO! I was wondering if anyone here knew of someone that can recover my data for a reasonable price? Thanks! And while I'm here this is something I was working on this week. I call it "First Snow" done on scratchboard.


Narco said...

Not a big computer doctor. Don't know anyone else, really, too. Sorry I can't be much help.

Nice scratching though. Very vibrant for something so monochromatic.

The NineBreaker said...

yeah I know a couple of people where I work at, and as a matter of fact I also have software for data recovery however since you happen to be using a gay Mac I don't think its going help much. I'll get back to you soon.

P.S. I know what you are going through - my old desktop also bit the dust as well and man, do they charge an arm and a leg for just 1G of recovery (Staples and Best Buy fees were just stupid and they DONT even handle it themselves but via a 3rd party)

BTW what Mac OS are you using or were you operating??

Jess said...

I'm running version 10.6.

That'd be sooo great if you could help! It's ridiculous how much they charge you for recovery. Especially when my dumb comp decided to be a level 3 death.

I'm considering calling Apple and complaining because I bought my Mac to the Apple Store the moment it started making noise. The tech ran diagnostic and said it was fine. I took it home and the second I went to turn it on it wouldn't get past the startup screen. I highly doubt they'd be nice enough to do a free recovery data for frustrating.

The NineBreaker said...

Sadly most of the guys I talked to are VERY busy and their schedule prevents them from doing so (we all work at the same job putting in 16hr shifts + plus family time...)

BTW - if you have a warranty they should at least refund you for the HD - btw that noise could be a lot of things - I think it was the needle that was malfunctioning and hence the "noise" it was making - most HD die like this so its actually pretty common but me being the MAC hater that I am - I pretty much blame Apple...

The TECH KNEW what it was btw - every pro knows when your HD starts making LOUD clicking or RRRR sounds it means its about to die.

Jess said...

I understand how busy people can be. But if any of them have any free time, it can be a month or two from now, keep me in mind :)

Ugh, I called and complained to Apple and they said they couldn't do anything. Even though it was their fault sending me home with my comp instead of having me just leave it there and I'd back it up there while it was still running. Sadly, I have learned the hard way about having a backup drive but it still sucks :(