Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Scorpion redesign

I saw the Mortal Kombat film a few days ago and, man, what a nostalgia-trip it was. It is undeniably the most epic movie of my childhood. The music, set designs, costumes, fight scenes. Even some of the acting was good... well, maybe just the guy playing Shang Tsung.

Anyway, I got to thinking that the ninja characters, particularly Scorpion, had really awesome designs. I wanted to explore the design a bit more and make him even more of a bad-ass. The design they made for him in the upcoming game looks incredible, which inspired me even more. I'd wanted to do this kind of thing for a while, but haven't had the drive to do so until, well, now. Just started drawing just to be drawing. I felt I was getting rusty, so I picked up the pad and made this baby. It's a bit scratchy, but I think the looseness fits the design

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The NineBreaker said...

Dude that looks awesome - did you see the trailer that was "supposed" to be the pitch for the new MK movie??