Thursday, February 3, 2011

Big momma



Narciso said...

This reminds me of Dr. Seuss meets Dead Space for some reason. Haha.

Nice rendering!

Ray said...

Pretty cool! If you plan on continuing, it could become something real bizarre. lol As for critiques...maybe give her some definition around the hip area so we can see the gender a bit more clearly (Ignoring the alien/demon boobs) and so it looks like it's carrying a bit more weight. :D

Ray said...

Oh, and it looks more like something out of Earthworm Jim than Dr. Seuss IMO. lol

jamesface said...

Thanks, guys!

I started to notice the rather goofy-macabre style of the face that reminds you guys of Dr. Seuss and Earthworm Jim about mid-way through it and decided it would be at least a little funny. To me it looks kind of like a new evil Muppet on Sesame Street or something of that nature.

Those are good suggestions, Ray. I have been thinking about that and I'll definitely consider it when I get back to this.

jamesface said...

Also, Narco, I just beat Dead Space 2 a few days ago and am going through it on Zealot a 2nd time. So, it's definitely fresh in my mind.