Sunday, March 9, 2008

March 9th is Thank You Art Day! or so Yoshiaki Kaihatsu (you guys may remember the guy who coordinated the Yatai Vendor Project with Gustafson a few years back in the VAB gallery) would want you to think. It's based on the pun that San (3 in Japanese)-Kyu (nine in Japanese) sound like Thank you. On a day like this, he's encouraging galleries and non conventional art space as well as artists and non artists to do a little something special. Sell art at a discount, have an installation somewhere, hold a special one day exhibtion, something in general about art. For today, I did an extra comic strip and am trying to spread awareness of the day.

Lazy Link
This may be an allegory for someone.


Ciro said...

its not easy to snap a credit card in half

Happypeepeehead said...

The intense desire to not screw up gives one power.

Happypeepeehead said...

(Hence why I think most of my screw ups may have been unconsciously intentional ...)