Saturday, March 1, 2008

photo I

i think this is the first photography work on this site, well anyway nothing special but this seems like everyone's favorite of what i've done so far, and everyone practically knows who this chick is... >_<


Anonymous said...

Who is that girl?????
LOL Remember the days of Who is Kells.

Anonymous said...

Lols I do remember the days as an unknown.

That's a pretty snazzy shot of me. lols. Hey where's the pic of Dittrich?

BuTTerS said...

haha, i remember those days, it was weird she ended up in 3 of my classes that semester... i didn't get to dittrichs picture yet, lol but im going to put it all over the hallways to freak him out

Narco said...

That Dittrich idea would be a great 4/1 thing to do, since it does fall on a school day this year.

Pretty snaz-ful capture.