Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sketch Break

I'm living in a cave with all my work to do. I thought I'd show signs of life.


Chigurh said...


colors or photoshop?

caves are for bears and coal miners.

go get yourself a social life, woman!

Anonymous said...

photoshop. and I wish i can if i didn't work so damn crazily.

Chigurh said...

seriously dude, you're too busy to realize that you're too busy. i hope you remembered to at least eat.

Anonymous said...

i do remember. but calling it food means that it goes in my system.

Chigurh said...

hence, signs of life!

and the world goes 'round.

Narco said...


A little offbeat sketch is good every now and then. I'm more satisfied with them than I am with my school work.

Anonymous said...

I agree to that. The thing is that while we work on our school work, we use more of the right side of our brain.

Right brain = logic = work = not fun = stress.

Still a WIP to make work = fun

Chigurh said...

giants in the clouds?