Thursday, November 13, 2008

We gots the hue!

Frankly, I've never colored this character before. Or, at least not since I've improved my abilities.

And I've known this character for maybe nine years.

Also, this is the first time a colored image I scanned has appeared vibrant on a monitor.


RedFireManiac said...

Niiice man. Though it looks like his stomach just exploded haha.

But nah, it's awesome. And it IS vibrant. O_O

Narco said...

Well, it could allude to his death, or it could be all the death and blood and guts he's likely to face if I ever get a story going.

RedFireManiac said...
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RedFireManiac said...

You should sir.

I'd gladly read it and enjoy it's art.

Which get me thinking that I should probably start working on a comic of my own.

...and not just offer my services for someone else's idea, haha.

But yea, still awesomeness.

Actually, looking at the blood again, I didn't see all the little spitter spatters you added to it. Great work.

goooooood girl said...
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Happypeepeehead said...

So what brand are you using? Stop me if I'm being gross but that red actually reminds me of the time I tried painting with an excessively bad bleeding nose.

Narco said...

I love putting my blood into my sketchbooks!

With this one, I was using my Pelikan watercolor set. It has pigment pans and stuff. I was also trying out a smaller set by Windsor & Newton.