Saturday, January 31, 2009

Blood, Sweat & Tears Cover

tried to fix up the ear a little. added the backside and put text on it which i took from an old essay i wrote for a class. i might jus leave it as it, i can fiddle with that ear forever and never feel i got it right lol.


RedFireManiac said...

What's this a cover for? Your illustration makes me want to check it out, heh.

Overall, I really like how rather simple you've kept it, and I definitely think a runny nose with blood, as well as those teary eyes really capture the essence of the title. The font type goes well, too...I didn't even notice the word "blood" was in deep red til I really looked at it.

I do, however, think the eye placement is a little funky. Maybe it should be moved back and over? The eyebrow would have to move with it though. And I don't think you'd see so much of the second eye. Maybe just the part of her cheek that rounds off near the bottom of her eye, as well as some of the other eye lids.

damani said...

beautiful, man! you're getting really good!

BuTTerS said...

i don't agree about the eye, i think the placement and perspective of it (3/4 view) is spot on, that angle and drawing a face from below are difficult... i don't like the ear though, i feel like the edge of it has too much "meat," does that make sense?

it's a simple drawing, but the parts of the face that you chose to render really make a difference... i especially dig that you made the hair a simple like, makes the face pop... ugh... you made a really smart drawing... (i really didn't want to compliment you...)

BuTTerS said...
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Ciro W Romero said...

thanks for all the constructive criticism. ears are tough!