Thursday, January 15, 2009

Brian the Fro

Elias and I are very likely not to produce enough pages to get to his appearance, but here are some sketches for Brian the Fro, a character for our contest submission @ ENJAYKWADA. There's also a sketch of Mace's Boss, whom we haven't named yet.

(Did I use "whom" right?)

I apologize in advance for my non-scannerness.

1. Brian the Fro - basic facial sketches.
2. Brian the Fro - expanding the concept.
3. Brian the Fro - more expansion, plus: half-body, mask he wears to hide his insecure gargoyle-ness, and how he gets when he's stressed out.
4. Brian the Fro - detail of frustrated Brian.
5. Mace's Boss - sketch with custom brush; while she doesn't get in on the action in this story, she will sometime.


RedFireManiac said...

I didn't realize you gave him ear rings, haha.

BuTTerS said...

i like your motivation and your sketches =)