Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Dennis got his hands on one of the display cases on the first floor and wanted to know if he could put up some of our artwork. I gave him a lot of the contest pieces we did the last two semesters, but theres a lot of great work we've created since then that hasnt been printed out. So if you you have something u wanna show, print it up, hand it over, and show those jewelery makers and sculptors how incredibly kick ass it is to be an illustrator.

BTW, post up some new ideas for contest themes!! also when is a good day for everyone to attend the contests?


Kells said...

An actual display case?? yeys!

No ideas yet, but Mondays seem good for me to meet up, thursday daytime is good too.

Wonder what's the next theme is gonna be?

Ciro said...

To submit your ideas for themes for the contest, email: area221@gmail.com