Thursday, September 27, 2007

nerdy glasses and tan lines


Kells said...

hahah i like both of them. The only thing that bugs me is the tan girl's neck with that posture.

Heey...if that girl was any tanner and her hair more get ganguro style. hahaha

Ciro said...

ganguro is a creepy look. what can i do to fix her neck?

Kells said...

haha, some ganguro look ok. I'm scared some go from lightly toasted skin to orange to burnt toast. They have that unique style.

Plus they're fun to look at. (just never look in real life o__o)

On the tanned girl, cause she's got her legs up that high, you'd think she'd fall backwards cause there's no center of gravity (like yoga people, who CAN balance on their butts) So she's using her arms to balance herself out . So Her shoulders would be more pointed foward than backwards, which hides the neck a bit. Also, her arms would be more outward, kind of like her elbows doing a 90 degree angle or just a little bit more.

Hopefully that's enough feedback. haha

damani said...

i'm sure she's balancin on something, ciro just didn't draw him yet! LOL