Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A comic series I attempted to do in high school

I just ran into these this morning while searching through my stuff, and figured I'd post them on here for the heck of it. It was meant to be a web-comic based around the people I knew and spoke to back then. It was also meant to be colored, but as you can very well tell, on some of these I didn't even finish going over the words.

Anyway, it was indeed called "Lubricated Poles," and it's full of further inside jokes that no one will get, but when I found them, I tried to read them as if I was an outsider looking in, and I was still amused.

That said, I've been thinking of doing a much better version of this but with all of us at Area 221 as the cast. Well...those of you I know anyway :P Can't draw you if I don't know what you look like >_>


Narco said...

Area 221 is a large cast of characters.

Try a shortlist first, then add cameos or kill off chaz or myself.

Chigurh said...

narco, you spelled my name wRONg.

elias you've encouraged me to dig up the old chaos corey comic series that i attempted to do in high school.

uncle dd has to be in the cast.

RedFireManiac said...

Are you kidding? He'll be the first one on there!

Area 221 is named after the room he teaches in after all!

Ciro W Romero said...

These are great dude, specially the alien and preditor one...its so bizarre. Y'know i didnt even know redfiremaniac was elias til' now. good work man

RedFireManiac said...

Haha, such is the beauty of online anonymity!

But indeed, 'tis I.

And thanks man, really appreciate it.