Friday, October 24, 2008

Rorschach I doing this right?


Happypeepeehead said...

The mask is dead on. Remember, it moves but always remains symmetrical. Since it's a reference to Steve Ditko's Mr. A and the Question, the black and white must always be clearly distinct and no grays, just like how Rorschach doesn't believe in compromises. Needs purple pinstriped pants. I'd also go lighter on the jacket color to show the grime he collected over the years from never washing it. Only two R's in Rorschach. And those hats are tricky to draw.

If I'm doing a character, I usually have a rough sketch then a separate layer for local color, and separate layers for highlights and shadows. I may not be the best fellow for giving advice on it, though.

I think I'll shut up now.

RedFireManiac said...

D'oh, yea I don't know why I added that extra "r," I shall remove it.

Anyway, great thought on that no grays thing, never thought of that.

Didn't know what he was inspired by either.

But yea, I barely sketched it in. If I had done it one paper, I'd probably have a better sketch made up, but I was just sorta doodling and then started coloring it.

The only reason I made his jacket darker is because I wanted a bunch of those buildings with neon lights behind him, so that's where all the light it.

Happypeepeehead said...

Cool idea for the neon reflection. Looking forward to seeing the outcome. Now go to sleep.