Sunday, October 19, 2008


in an effort to keep the ball rolling, i'd say kelly won. So post your next contest suggestions here, and kelly will pick one asap!

updated: sorry kells forgot about the sticker! lol now its official, let the voting for the next theme commence


Anonymous said...

um.. ok? where'd my post go. but yea.

yey ;o;

Ciro W Romero said...

people of the sun (like the rage song)

Chigurh said...

damn you kelly! (shakes fist)


how about........

robots and rainbows?


gamer girls!





Anonymous said...

Just a bunch of title s I have in my to do list and some story titles I had laying around in my books if you want to use one of those.
-The things we learn...
-Skull candy
-What the flux
-Hacked to peace
-Hardly a method you know..
-Laughing at enemies
-Head of a viper
-Death to the rest, gold is best
-A Child's crusade
-Broken Ground
-Eyes in the Dark
-Family tree
-Necessary evil
-Last Stand
-The Webworks
-Wings of Fire

RedFireManiac said...

People of the sun or Skull candy...hmmmmmmm, decisions, decisions.

Oh yea, congrats Kells.

Happypeepeehead said...

Theme suggestion: The most precious waste

Anonymous said...

I choose....

Skull Candy


BuTTerS said...

im feeling necessary evil, i like last stand but it reminds me of that horrible movie...