Monday, December 1, 2008

help plz

on the topic of speed, this literally took me all sunday long. It varies piece by piece...depending on a gut feeling that say's "ok you're done" or "ugh still doesnt look right"

BTW which looks better?


RedFireManiac said...

Depends on what you're going for I suppose.

The right one seems softer and more sensual, and I personally prefer it.

But the other looks like the atmosphere is hotter. Almost like she's waiting for you.

Together it's almost like a before and after shot haha.

Great work as usual man, I dunno how you do it, but keep it up.

damani said...

personally, i think the one on the right is way too cool. i prefer the warmer colors. it adds more life to the image. the other looks a bit too muted and drab. excellent work!!

Narco said...

I think the warmer one is better.

Also, about the speed thing, part of it is how much work you put into it and that "satisfaction" level, and part of it is the experience of working with a specific technique for a long time. There's also the general experience of creating art.

Obviously, you've spent more time overall in Photoshop than Elias has, which is why he has trouble with it sometimes.

It's kind of like how Dittrich said when he introduced us to gouache: muscle memory.

Ciro W Romero said...

yes def all those things play a roll, u broke it down a lot better than i did tho haha. thanks for the input people. I do like the warmer one better cause the highlights pop out more, the muted one is softer but loses a lot of information.

Pinki said...

i like the one on the right more.