Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Wham. Bam. Thank you, mum...

I don't know.

Everyone's disappeared!

Image 001. Need to fix some things. Awkward looking, as she's sitting on nothing. (sketch)
Image 002. Doppleganger attempt the first. Weird eye, I know. (ink+watercolor)
Image 003. Did this before school ended, while sitting in 221. I have a lot of comics, yes, I know.

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Happypeepeehead said...

1 - among that, the head as well. Her breasts are bigger than it, man. Still a fun idea

2 - well you pointed out the eye but also the ear allignment/size. Still I dig how the hair and other facial features (shadow of the folds of the skin) was rendered and the coloring, though I'm not sure if your photo is reproducing the coloring fully.
3 - A fairly bad ass looking Spider-man. Rather glad that the trend McFarlane started with huge eyes died down and people are comfy doing smaller sizes again