Wednesday, March 3, 2010

:('s not as awsome as the kickass wips here right now. 
Signs of Life.


RedFireManiac said...

I'm in love that fish one! The expression on the bottom one's face has me cracking up...he's very confused.

And I don't know if the concept was intentional or just random sketches grouped on one page, but including them around what looks like a classroom is pretty cool.

Nice water colors on them and the water, too.

Ciro W Romero said...

yeah these are great kells, ur crazy if you don't like em'

Anonymous said...

Thanks guys.

@Elias> Concept was intentional.

@Ciros> I'm just a little crazy. But thanks for the comment. lols.

Narco said...

You should've bumped up the color on your scanned, colored sketches. Watercolor always needs a bump.