Sunday, March 28, 2010

A boy, a sword, and a golden stool.


jamesface said...

Very nice job on the aura around the sword, definitely looks magical to me. If not magical, then, that sword definitely gives the "THIS IS AN IMPORTANT ARTIFACT" feel. I also really dig the drapery on the shirt and cargo shorts.

I would pay closer attention to the spacial relationship between the character and the golden stool (lol, stool). If you look at the foot closest to the sword, it seems like the character is in front of the object, yet he is looking at it as if the object were in front of him. I hope I make myself clear on that :P

JFAStudios said...

You're right! Good catch!!!! I see exactly what you mean.

Thanks 4 the feedback, jamesface! Nyce blog btw. :)

jamesface said...

Anytime, man :)

and thanks! I really appreciate it!