Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Lord Jasper

My cat Jasper is the lord of everything, especially animals...or my dog...or me. So, I decided who to better depict in the Lord of the Animals then my cat. I used a combo of graphite and pen. I really like how Jasper came out. I really wanted to work on some of my shadowing and lights and darks. I would go back and fix the lion shadow at some point probably...that part was sorta rushed. Critiques on what to fix/work on would be great. Oh, and for some reason it would only upload small, I think its because I only have a digital camera to scan it the quality isn't great.

1 comment:

damani said...

maybe you should put some ground beneath him so it doesn't look like he's floating. also, you should know where your light source is coming from so you know where to throw your shadow. if you want show the image of a lion beneath him, maybe he should stare into some water or a mirror or something. by the way, i love the texture of the fur! well done!