Wednesday, October 3, 2007

this one is not done (duh) but i juss wanted to kno what ppl thought about the flesh rendering... tips and suggestions would be greatly appreciated

me during history of comm. design

me during letter & type design

first project of the semester


Jess said...

Looks like you had more fun in class [comm design] then I did today, heh.

The project is very cute with the dog-creature thing and the caption made me laugh. What exactly was the project? Or was it a just for fun project?

BuTTerS said...

it was a project, i didnt follow directions tho, lol, so i guess in the end it was for fun

Ciro said...

the dog kinda looks like domo...

Anonymous said...

its a Domo Dog. inu no domo?

Anywho, let me copy your notes XD i think they're the same as mine too. cept yours is neater.

Skin shading, good for like cell shading like :x very soft feel to it.