Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Yay. I got in.

Swell. This is going to be fun. Really. Never was really part of a club. I think.

Just stuff from Cartooning & Comics ...for now.

This one was for the figure in movement assignment. There's s'posed to be a silhouette somewhere, if I can find it. I swear I just finished it.

Yes, it's ninjas vs zombies.

(C'mon everyone loves zombies and ninjas.)

This is for the gravity assignment.
(I probably should've scanned the part that came before this.)

The hood of the car looks like a blanket...


(I need to know the Creative Cartooning hw, too.)

Seacrest out.

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Anonymous said...

awsome~ welcome welcome

Cartooning project is a continuation of the 10 examples of water.

Next Next week is the whole ' Editorial Cartoon'