Saturday, July 26, 2008

Arizona Sketches. Invincible Spider-Man.

It's literally Invincible and Spider-Man. No Civil War jokes here.

Maybe watercolors are next.



Happypeepeehead said...

Onward then. I don't see how a civil war joke could be made. Did you read the Marvel Team Up they did?

Narco said...

I loved that Marvel-Team Up.

In fact, that's the only one I bought.

[I guess the Civil War joke came from Peter Parker wearing Tony Stark designed Spider-armor with the habitual red and gold. Iron Man's adjective is often 'Invincible'.]

Happypeepeehead said...


Not being a regular Iron Man reader that slipped past me. I found some things interesting from that Marvel Team Up series. The LDM of Diamond Back convinced she was the real thing (plus I'm a mark for most things Cap).