Sunday, July 27, 2008

SPEED SKETCH: doodling character designs

My girlfriend, her ex, her ex's best friend and I are making an eroge for x-box live...? WTF.

So here are character designs pulled out of my ass in speed sketch. And egads is that last mouse drawing UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGLY!

It's a call center eroge. The girlfriend and the ex work in them so gotta make'em all eventually have headsets.
Fail. I should just rip off something butters drew.
It was suggested, that when the player flirts with this male character, all female characters attraction to the player goes up. They say it's realistic call center action.
My girlfriend complained that none of the designs were kawaii enough and requested I do one that was extra kawaii. Ribbon and long bangs = kawaii ?
Archie and Jimmie Olsen's love child?

Rough character on a call center background


Narco said...

You make good effort. I think I would never attempt a mouse drawing because of the patience needed. Then I again, I have patience for a lot of things.


Happypeepeehead said...


I don't know about you but the reason why I do so many mouse drawings is because they're faster. To make'em look good, I just need to be awake and put in time.

Narco said...

Maybe. I'll try it one day when I have a mouse handy.