Tuesday, July 29, 2008

AZ Drawings - Six Women

Here I is. I feel like drawing a myriad of female characters simultaneously. I draw up a female body, intending to perhaps draw Hellcat. Instead, I grab slivers of watercolor paper that I cut up before I left NJ, and adhere them to my sketchbook.

And this is the result. Try and see if you can spot the different characters before I splash some colors on.


Happypeepeehead said...

Perhaps I'm misunderstanding but it seems you are using the same pose over and over?

Ms. Marvel
Gah, blanking on the one with the face scars. I know it. Cammy? Nah. This is a different character I know with facial scars.
Wonder Woman... stumped.

Narco said...

I guess...trying to kill six birds with one stone.

I'm almost done with the colors.