Wednesday, July 30, 2008

AZ Paintings - Six Women

So. I did the colors. Each one was actually, kind of satisfying in a therapeutic way of sorts. I don't even know if I'm using the word correctly. Definitely was easier working small. I also included the unders of the whole dealy--just because.

Anyway, here are the answers:
Head/neck: Batgirl - Cassandra Cain
Left pit: White Tiger - Angela Del Toro
Chest: Ms. Marvel - Carol Danvers
Right Side: Power Girl - Kara Zor-L
Lower Torso: Hellcat - Patsy Walker
Legs: Wonder Woman - Diana (Prince?)

I don't there was any reason to pick and of the characters for any specific area. Maybe mostly for which areas on a character's attire are most memorable. Unfortunately for Wonder Woman, I had to focus on her star-spangled-ness. On Power Girl's panel, the breast is larger. Batgirl has the stitching on her mask. White Tiger's stripes. Hellcat's waist sash. Ms. Marvel's...marvels. I think it might have been the only way it would have worked out. Any other arrangement and the composition wouldn't have been balanced. Maybe.

There's also the other version of it which is in natural light, which offers a slightly different viewing.


Happypeepeehead said...

Eh, Frank Miller focused on Wonderman's Star Spangledness for a variant cover of All Star Batman.

So you're just adding rectangular strips of paper? No organic shapes or is it just more conducive to your process to stick with that?

Narco said...

Well, I guess I never considered organic shapes, I guess.

Serves me right for cutting them before I left for the airport.