Thursday, March 10, 2011

Batman Rogues: Great White Shark

So, Elias spun me on to the next character to draw, who is actually quite interesting.

A new Batman rogue created in the last decade, Great White Shark, initially Warren White (love that comic book alliteration), stole a ton of money from a few wealthy folks. He was tried at Gotham courts where he plead insanity, knowing Gotham's criminal psychopath ratio. Pleading insanity, however, didn't work out so well for him. White made a lot of enemies while in Arkham Asylum, and he some how ended up trapped in Victor Frieze's subzero cell for too long. His skin turned a pale white, the tips of his nose, ears, lips, a few fingers (and I assume eye lids) crumbled due to frostbite. He filed his teeth and became a little more insane---born was the Great White Shark of Gotham City.


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