Friday, March 18, 2011

Zelda Week: Midna

Draw-A-Thon was yesterday. Excuse the lateness. If someone else would join the daily challenge, maybe this thing could roll-on without me.

I always thought Midna was an interesting character. I beat Twilight Princess the whole way through, all heart containers and everything. Then an old friend convinced me in trying the Wii-hacking software, HomeBrew. This hack, for some reason, required the user to delete a Zelda: TP memory block. Of course, the HomeBrew was really stupid and really complicated, so I deleted a good save for nothing.

From that day on, I stopped believing in hacking ANYTHING. Wasted a ___ing completed Zelda save. I hated my friend for a good, long time.

(Which was about two months.)

I'll try to post a colored-version of Midna tomorrow. Zelda Week continues next week, because no one else is participating. (That means I make the rules.) Here's the schedule for next week, in case you need some catch-up time.

Monday - Impa
Tuesday - Tingle
Wednesday - Ganon
Thursday - Morpha
Friday - Zelda

I'm not posting links anymore either. Search them yourselves.

Like anyone is actually paying attention.

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