Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thanks for all your hard work, NARCISO.

As everyone who still follows the blog has noticed, were down to two very active bloggers and a mass of watchers with occasional input. Narciso has to attend to his very important show and James Zapata can't be a one man show, (he can but it dosen't make the rest of us look good, LOL!!!) So I'm jumping back in and making the attempt to rally the people again. Lets challenge ourselves to get back to our former glory and surpass it. I've been working on designing with the Amazing and extremely busy Madelynne Delarama, but that can take a backseat for now. We need to get this back up and running or all that work will be for naught. As a social meter can I get a response to who is ready to answer the call and return to the front lines of AREA221. If your still out there and read this please respond saying if you can and will post. But above all please post.


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jamesface said...

It would be so awesome to get more people to join up again. This blog should not wither away and die!